April 19, 2012

lately ...

i am in middle of two fictional novels and one biography. and loving it.

April 15, 2012

For The Birds

I just ordered an urban chicken coop for the backyard!  I am super stoked about it!  Raising chickens is an idea we have tossed around for years.  Both Seth and I had chickens growing up.

From an early age deviled eggs was one of the first things I learned how to make.  SO.MANY.EGGS.

Our coop is going to be much smaller than the one I had growing up, but it is appropriate and proportional for our backyard in the city.   I think it will yield the perfect amount of eggs for our family.

The plan is to have three or four girls in there.  We may put up some chicken wire to expand where they can roam during the day, and shoo them back in the coop at night.

So anyway, here is a couple photos from online ... when we actually get everything set up I will probably take some of my own.