December 08, 2005

I Eat Brunch Everyday

I am NOT a morning person. I wish I was... but I am not. Don't get me wrong... once I'm up, I'm up. I am not crabby or anything, but it just doesn't happen that often. Looking back on the last ten years I could probably count on my fingers how many sunrises I have seen.

The problem stems from the night before. For some reason we have been going to bed about 1:00 every night (morning.) It's a bad habit that we've developed and it is soooooo hard to break. I never feel tired till at least midnight. (Sometimes later.)

Our son Levi has adapted with ease to our schedule. He has no problem sleeping in. Sometimes he'll sleep till 11:00 or noon if I don't wake him up sooner. (Which I usually do.) I just go in his room, open up the blinds, and say "good morning!"

Needless to say we (I) need to practice this fruit of the spirit: SELF CONTROL. .... and hopefully I'll be able to see a lot more sunrises.