May 27, 2010

Go Seth Go!

Seth won two awards at work!  Most new sales and most internet sales!  A co-worker of his snapped this shot while they were being presented to him.  Yay Seth!  I'm proud of him!

Oh, and by the way my bronchoscopy went pretty well I think.  I'm just a little tired now.  I'll get the results later.

May 26, 2010

So much going on!  I have been busy with my matronly-of-honor duties.  I am throwing my sister a bridal shower.  It is in little over a week!  I'm having it at my house, and I couldn't be more excited.  Planning these things are all sorts of fun!  I ordered my dress for the wedding yesterday and it shipped today.  Eep!  Also Rebecca, Brittani and I got together and had lunch and talked about wedding/shower stuff.  I went to the party store after and got plates, napkins, cups etc.  It's going to be so cute - I can't wait!  The wedding itself is in a month (they had a super short engagement) and I know the time will continue to fly by!

Also yesterday I jogged/walked from all the way from my house to the beach in the rain.  I ended up at the lighthouse.  It was absolutely grand.  Why is it that I can jog so much further while I am listening to pop music?  Or any music for that matter.  It was refreshing. It was just drizzling not pouring, but there was no one out.  I felt as if I had the whole world to myself!  I was trying to dodge the hundreds of snails that all decided to cross the sidewalk as the sun was setting.  I was doing pretty well but as it was getting dark, I accidentally stepped on one!  As it's shell got crushed so did my heart... I felt so bad!  When I arrived home I told Levi to come outside to check out all of the snails.  As soon as he stepped out he crushed one too.  Sad.

Last Friday was clinic.  My PFT's were down by 7%.  From FEV1 83% to 76%.  Because of my recent RSV and hospitalization they want me to have a bronchoscopy.  Having RSV can trigger an immune response in the body, which can lead to rejection of the lungs.  If you remember, I don't want my body to have an immune response.  I take pills to suppress my immune system, so that my body doesn't recognize my lungs as foreign and try to kick them out.  So the bronchoscopy is scheduled to check for rejection.  I'm trying to not think about it too hard.  Worrying doesn't add one day to my life.  I am nervous about the procedure itself though.  It is tomorrow.  Pray for me -- if you remember me tomorrow.  I will be partially sedated, and need someone to drive me home.  My awesome mom is going to watch Levi and then drive me back.  In my experience partially sedated procedures are the worst kind!  I'd rather be all the way blacked out or totally alert.  A few hours after my transplant I had a bronchoscopy, and I remember the whole thing very clearly.  Usually, in the past, they give me medication to make me forget.  Isn't that a creepy thought?  Medication that makes you forget what they did to you?  Yep, that's what I usually get but I don't know why I remember that one bronch.  They forgot to give me the forgetting medicine.  Haha

I have a new hair colour!  Platinum blonde!  I love it!  This is the second time I have done platinum... it's a fun colour to be.

That's all for now!  ... until next time...

May 25, 2010

Easter Skit

This is a video of a skit Seth and I were in on Easter morning.

May 24, 2010

Just now I told Levi to clean his room.  His reply was:

"I'm an inventor, and inventors never clean their room!"

Hahaha.  Nice try Levi!

May 18, 2010

Hello Old Friend

I didn't mean to neglect this little blog, but somehow I did.  Procrastination.  Laziness.  Not feeling well sometimes, and busyness.

Oh well.

My grandparents are in town right now, and we have visited with them the last two days.  This evening they watched Levi for us so we could go out on a date.  We went out to sushi and then strolled around downtown.  We were gone for a couple of hours, and when we returned Levi was doing the same thing he had been doing when we left.... playing with legos.  If that kid has someone to build with, he can play legos all day long.  No kidding.

In other more exciting news, my sister is getting married!  They got engaged last weekend.  They are going for a super short engagement of only six weeks!  She asked me to be the maid of honor.  I can't wait!  Kyle asked my parents for Rebecca's hand when we were all up at the lake.  (So I guess my parents have known for awhile.)  Their personalities are perfect for each other, and I am so happy for them!  I love you Rebecca and Kyle!
I have been SO busy since this weekend I haven't gotten to speak to Rebecca for more than like two minutes at a time on the phone, so I still haven't gotten to hear the story of how he proposed.  She started to tell me they were at the beach, and then I literally had to get off the line because my name was being called for an appointment.  So yeah, pretty sad.  I'm sure I'll find out soon though.  Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going to head to the RV park my grandparents are staying at and swim in the pool there.  Should be lots of fun!

May 08, 2010

My friend Hope opened up shop on Etsy!  She specializes in finding hidden vintage treasures at thrift shops and making them available for the rest of the world to enjoy!  She plans on continuing to add more and more to her inventory so keep checking back to make sure you didn't miss anything new!  Also, she will be donating a percentage to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  Click HERE to visit her online boutique!

May 07, 2010


A couple of months ago I took Levi to the park.  He took his scooter while I walked alongside.  At one point during our walk I said "Wait Levi.  Let me get a picture of you with your scooter."  All of a sudden he started striking all of these random, different poses.  I kid you not,  all of these pictures were taken in a time frame of under 30 seconds!  Um... SOMEONE is waaaay too used to the camera!!!! Haha

My son is such a little goofball.