March 28, 2011

Levi's Change the World List

Levi dictated this list of rules he will make when he grows up. He says he will change all of these things if he can remember it.


No spanking on birthdays
No throwing bombs at people
No setting people's houses on fire
No dropping glass on people's foots
No breaking people's legos when they're not done
No robbering
No stealing money
No swimming in water fountains
No acting silly at school
No trying to kill Jesus
No putting your underwear on your head at church
No punching people in the face and making them bleed
No eating people
No popping people's balls when they don't like it
No shooting good guys when you're a good guy
No farm animals in people's houses
No pinching on St. Patrick's day
No picking people's noses
No tearing people's shirts
No saying "I'm not your friend anymore"
No dumping gas out of cars
No being bad secret agents
No sticking swords in people's mouths
No throwing people's computers
No saying that you are God
No blowing up houses
No throwing ipods
No leaving candles on fire on purpose when you leave the house
No killing animals
No setting nice trees on fire