January 05, 2011


I have been hesitant to write on here as of late, because I don't know what or how much I am allowed to say.  As I mentioned last time, we are adopting through the county/state.  I haven't really been briefed on confidentiality, but common sense tells me I shouldn't put a kid who's not mine (yet) on blast all over the interweb.  For privacy purposes on this blog I suppose I should call him "A".  I also have photos, videos, information about his history etc... but should also probably keep private at this time.  Later on when everything is final I am sure that I will be posting more photographs of little A than you even care to see . .

So yeah, we met him a few weeks ago.  I tell you I wasn't a believer in love at first sight until I had kids.  I felt that way with Levi and with A also.  He is such a sweetie.  He takes everything in slowly and thoughtfully.  He has dimples you just want to kiss and big, brown puppy dog eyes that are probably going to work to his advantage with me and letting him get away with stuff more than I should.  He just turned two, and is at the age where he enjoys peek-a-boo and pressing any type of buttons he can find.  He likes hearing different sounds, noises and volumes as well.  He loves kids and currently has been living with some foster brother and sisters around Levi's age.

He is with two foster moms now, and they have just been great.  They have provided a loving home for him and worked hard these past six months to help A grow and blossom.  I really admire how well behaved their children are and how well they have taken care of A.  Both of his foster moms have made this transition super easy on us, and have really guided us along.  I know his likes, dislikes, his insecurities and routines already because they have really spent a lot of time filling us in.

When A first arrived at their house all he had with him were the clothes on his back and a bag of flaming hot cheetos that he was eating.  Stop and think about that for a moment.  He was one years old - eating flaming hot cheetos.  I can barely handle the heat of those things sometimes.  Wow, it kind of gives me a glimpse of how hard his life must have been at one point.  In fact I know his life has been hard.... but like I said before I am holding back on the details.

The social worker is planning on doing an 'emergency placement' and even though we are not licensed yet the goal is to have him permanently in our house by the thirteenth.  Exactly a month to the day she first called about him.  The adoption social worker says this "feels like a miracle."  Her words.  Not mine.  The foster care social worker says she is blown away at how quickly this is happening for us.  (And she deals with every single family who does foster care)

What is it with extraordinary things happening in my life?  I really don't get it.  Why do miracles, awesome people, and awesome circumstances just fall into my lap?  Beats me.  I am a lucky girl.

Well there is a ton more to write about... but I'll have to do that later . . .