September 20, 2010

Happy day to you.

Art by: Levi

September 01, 2010


This morning I sent Levi off to his first day of school ever. That's right, he started kindergarten! My baby is of course no longer a baby, but grown up into a full-fledged kid!


Yesterday we had his orientation where we got to meet his teacher, see his classroom etc.  When we arrived I headed toward the kindergarten buildings, because naturally, he is beginning kindergarten.  I couldn't find his room number, and was told it was in the main building.  When we found the proper classroom and I started talking with the parents and the teacher I found out that unbeknownst to me he was in a K/1st Grade class!  I guess based on the knowledge they have of him from our application, the school decided that this was the best class for him.  There are 13 kindergarteners and 10 first graders in his class.   He doesn't go to lunch with the rest of the kindergarteners at his school during the kindergarten lunchtime, but instead goes with the first and second graders.  He doesn't go to the kindergarten jungle gym or have his classes in the kindergarten building.

This concerned me for a second, but then I thought about how absolutely smart Levi is, and that he also does really well socially.  I don't like to just brag on here, but Levi is a very bright boy, and has known the whole alphabet since he was one year old, and learned to tell time on an analog clock when he was two.



This morning when we arrived he found his cubby and jumped right in, just as if he had always done it.  I knew he'd be fine and do great.  I knew that I was probably more nervous than he was.  I stayed for the welcoming assembly, and then kissed his cheek goodbye and went home to an empty, quiet house.  The whole thing was a little bit emotional, but I didn't get misty eyed until I saw this note on the counter:

When I picked Levi up he said that the day had been great and he had already made friends.



I hope this school is ready for Levi! He is one amazing kid!