August 09, 2010

The flea

This past weekend we were vendors at the flea market.

(* Sidenote:  Half of my life I have lived in Southern California and the other half Northern.  I am split on what to call it - swap meet or flea market.  It's this little personal identity crisis that I have)

We have slowly accumulated quite a pile of unwanted junk.  We finally got together with Rebecca and Kyle to rent a space and sell.  Ever since before I can remember I have gone to the swap meet, but have never sold there before.  It was fun!  Don't worry . . . I wasn't pacing back and forth yelling "ONE DOLLA, ONE DOLLA, EVERYTHING ONE DOLLA" but I could definitely see myself doing it again.

Dollar signs appeared in my sister and my eyeballs as we were trying to figure out how to buy things at thrift stores and try to resell it at a profit, haha.  Also, Rebecca and I moseyed around to shop of course - it's a talent we share.  I found a few little nuggets.

Distressed drawers: $5

And everyones NEEDS a copper ship wall art right?  Right.

the flea

In other news - earlier today I had that doctor's appointment in Palo Alto that I was talking about last time.  

They said my sinuses look perfectly clear, and they saw nothing really wrong with them.
Come back in a year.

Ahhh.  music to my ears.

August 04, 2010

Rejection Free

Okay, some good news!  Last week I had another bronchoscopy. (3rd, 4th, 5th one?  Who knows.  I have lost track.)

There is no more rejection!  Praise God for His mercy!

They found some bacteria in my lungs and almost put me on antibiotics for it, but at the last second decided not to, which led to me doing a little happy jig.  They think it may be coming down from my sinuses (which are still CF sinuses)  so I need to schedule an ENT appointment.  Yep, I had better go do that . . .