April 29, 2009

Your kidneying me

My I.V. Tobra was abruptly and unexpectedly halted this morning. I have been on it since Friday. The home care nurse took blood from me on Saturday or Sunday. They called me and said my "levels" were elevated and then lowered the dose of the Tobra. Then I gave more blood last night and the doctor's office called today and said there was a problem with my levels still. They were actually higher than the last time! So I stopped Tobra this morning and they want to get more blood from me today and tomorrow. (Those vampires, ha ha) They told me that my creatine had been elevated since I started I.V.s. I am still taking Imipenem and I am fretting about my poor lil' kidneys! I think the creatine and the Tobra levels are separate things so even though the Tobra is halted I am still worried about my other meds, especially Imipenem, affecting my kidneys. I am keeping tabs to make sure I don't hear "ringing in my ears" and am going to start drinking more water. They also ordered some I.V. fluids to help dilute also. Please pray that if it's the Lord's will my levels will go down, and no damage will be done to any of my organs.

April 25, 2009

Recent Outings

Two videos of recent outings on Facebook. Put together by our friend Guillermo.

April 10, 2009


More pictures I took this week.

April 07, 2009

What Levi thinks about me....

I saw this on another blog, and thought I would try it. 

1.  What is something I always say to you? "I really love you"

2.  What makes me happy? "We live"

3.  What makes me sad? "When Daddy doesn't do what you tell him to"

4.  What makes me laugh? "April Fools and spicy eyes"

5.  How tall am I? "Medium Tall"

6.  What is my favorite thing to do? "Be on the computer and you don't let Daddy go on the computer"       

7.  What am I good at?  "Loving Chiquita"

8.  What is my favorite food? "Cheerios and Strawberries"

9.  What makes me proud of you? "Go potty"

10.  What do we do together?  "Cuddle"

11.  How are we the same? "When we do the same things"

12.  How are we different? "When we don't do the same things"

13.  How do you know that I love you?  "Because we are cute"

14.  What do I like about Daddy?  "Loving him"

15.  Where is my favorite place to go?  "The grocery store"

April 05, 2009

Spicy Eyes!

We saw the movie BOLT.

And now Levi quotes "Spicy Eyes!" everyday. 

April 04, 2009

A nice day

Today was nice. We rode bikes in the afternoon and ate ice cream downtown in the evening. Here are some photographs that I took today.