March 17, 2009


Yesterday as Levi and I were driving over the 17 towards Mountain View we passed a big, red, shiny tank truck.

Levi said:  "Mama, don't pass that truck.  I like that truck, and want to stay by it, don't pass it!"

I  looked over at it and saw the word "SEPTIC" written on the side.

I said:  "Do you know what is inside of that truck?"

Levi:  "No"

Me: "Poo Poo and Pee Pee"

Levi: "Gross!"

As we kept driving a minute later we passed another truck.  This one was silver, had two tanks on it, and looked like a fuel truck to me.

Levi said:  "Mama, what is inside of that truck?"

Without thinking too hard about it I said "I don't know, maybe Gas."

Levi started giggling back there in his car seat.  Then I had to crack a smile because all of a sudden I realized exactly what kind of "gas" he thought I was talking about.