January 22, 2009

Stinky Stink

January 21, 2009

Hooked Up

Just a quick update.... I'm home as of last night.  I'm hooked up to home I.V.'s.  I am feeling very happy, and exhausted at the same time.  I am pretty sure my lungs are not any better.  Even though my antibiotics have been switched, I am not too nauseous.  I am on two meds for nausea, one of which is oral zofran.  I am hooked up to a pump, so I am getting a decent amount of sleep.  The plan is to continue for another week, and go up to Stanford next week for a follow up appointment. That's the latest.  It really does feel good to be home.

January 15, 2009

17 days in.

I'm still not doing any better!  I am scheduled to be discharged on Monday after three weeks, no matter what my PFTs are.  If the are still bad I will do home I.V.'s.  If they are 40% or up FEV1 I get to go home on just oral antibiotics.  I started steroids, and my blood sugars are outta whack, like 246 after just a sandwich, so I may have to start insulin tomorrow.  Seth and I climbed the stairs a lot today for exercise.  I'll post any progress that I might make, hopefully.  As for the future, hospitalizations don't seem to be very effective at all for my lungs anymore, and I feel as if the meds are not touching me.  I think in the future I will do home I.V.'s more instead of the hospital.  They both don't seem to be that effective, but I'd much rather be home than here!  I still have 3 days to make a u-turn while I am here and I pray that that happens!  I pray this is not my "new baseline", and I pray I don't get too stressed out!  Levi is stoked I come home in four days, along with myself, and I think some quality cuddling with him will do me some good!  Until next time....

January 06, 2009

Stanford Hospital Blues

So, yes, I am back in the slammer.  I have finally mustered the mental energy to post a blog.  I came here into the hospital last Monday, eight days ago.  It has been a decent visit so far, although I caught a cold when I first got in which wiped me out for awhile.  I'm on Tobramycin, Zyvox, Meropenium, Zithromax & inhaled Colistin as far as antibiotics go.... and so I have no nausea on those.  Yippy.  Those plus all of my other millions of usual medicine..... and I hardly notice a difference yet. In fact, there is no difference yet.  P.F.T.s were today, and I got 37% (0.99 L).  So, no change yet.  I felt good coming in though, so at least I don't feel bad!
I am also very sick of hospital politics, but what's new there?  So keep praying for me, those of you who are.  I appreciate it.  It is a roller coaster here.  Sometimes I feel very happy, sometimes very 'blah' and depressed.  Pray also that I am a good witness to people because in this situation it is sometimes difficult for me to be nice to people.  I don't know if I will update again while in here because I haven't really been in the mood to.  Stay tuned for after though.