October 27, 2008

1 Year!

As most of you know, because I have mentioned it to just about everybody-  This month of October marks one whole year since I have been admitted into the hospital!!! I am beyond ecstatic about this. In years past I did not know if such a thing could be possible for me ever again. What have I done differently? Nothing that I know of. That is the weird part of this crazy disease... I did get a new and expensive nebulizer machine a year ago, but am not convinced that that is solely responsible for my lack of logged hours of hospital time.  I am thanking the Lord continually for this wonderful break- not from CF, believe me, but from having freedom outside those hospital walls.

October 19, 2008


Today we had a hot sauce show down at our friend Tosh's birthday party. There were six different entries. Tosh won, we got second. Seth made the sauce and I designed the labels. I could eat gallons of this stuff! -and have!

October 16, 2008


October 15, 2008

Wednesday's Sonnet

    mediocrity- i must spit it out!
   the brethren living in hypocrisy
   we lose our minds slowly filling with doubt
   whitewashed tomb but just bones including me

   won't You please save us from our wicked selves
   in the looking glass see sin how you see
   into deep darkness our innocence delves
   while wasting assets on frivolity

   i desire to have a stomach ache
   to know the pain and recklessness i cause
   convert my mind identical to make
   it crystal clear embalm my flesh in gauze

   need of revival and to be shaken
   and from us let not Your grace be taken

October 11, 2008

Day 2

This clip is only Levi's second day ever using his new skateboard. (The previous post below was his first.)   He is awesome.

October 09, 2008


October 06, 2008

Not by works

Last week I received this message titled "Please" in my inbox.  It is from a friend and it makes my heart hurt for this person.  None of us get to heaven by "works" although we seem to forget it.  Here is the message and my reply:

hey there, just wanted to say that i appoligize for my actions. all the time you seth rebecca your mother and father put into helping me and the beliefe that i'd become a better person. i am sorry. the lord and i have been on ends for a while. i dont think that i can recover. i just have to face the truth, that i, like judas have a fate to be damned. maybe it was planned by God? or whatever, maybe not. i want to let you and your family know that i did not do it on purpose.

i love you guys for your love and friendship. i will never forget.


sounds like satan is lying to you. don't believe him or give in to his tricks!!!!! he is smart and tricky. he makes bad look good, and he makes sin fun. but being damned is scary and it is real, and it is miserable. i may seem perfect to you, but i am really wicked... i hide my sin really well. but i am counting on the grace of God to get me into heaven- not MYSELF!

people who are liars, theives, drunks, drug addicts, child molesters can all go to heaven if before they die they accept Jesus and truly accept Him.

you don't have to apoligize to me or anyone i know because the only one who truly can help you is God. we do love you, but we can't help you.

i understand partially what it is like to be at ends with God. i am slowly dying and am getting sicker and sicker. i have shook my fist at God. i have
told Him i was pissed at Him. i have 'spit at the stars' so to speak. but 

i try not to abuse his forgiveness, because He is also a God of wrath, and I fear Him. but never, never, never forget that what you have already done, and even now what you continue to do He has power to forgive you, and HE is mighty to save.

If you think of it, please remember to keep this person in your prayers.