August 31, 2005

Me & Levi

August 29, 2005

Thank you Jesus

Hi. I'm kind of fond of this little blog so I thought I would write some more.

You know what? God is faithful in our lives. Sometimes we don't feel like it...but deep's true. As I sit here thinking of my life...and what to write, God has blessed me so much! I have a wonderful, healthy, (not to mention cute) little boy who loves me. I have a wonderful husband also, who works hard and loves me. (Not to mention cute)

I have always disliked the saying "life is good." I always it isn't, what the heck are you talking about? Life stinks!!! (here on earth anyway!) But you know what the saying really should be... "God is good!" Because he is always faithful to pull us through whatever tragedy we feel we are going through. And you know what? Usually someone always has it worse off than we do. And when I'm feeling blue, I think to myself "at least I'm not starving in Africa right now." Or," at least I don't have cancer." Or,"I'm so glad I am not Job." (That's a good book of the Bible to read when you feel down. It always makes me have a sunnier view on my own life, after looking at his!!!)

We take so many things for granted (our vision, hearing etc.) God must be incredibly patient to deal with us whining human beings. THANK YOU GOD FOR THE LIFE YOU HAVE GIVEN ME!!!!

August 24, 2005

I am trying to sign Jack's blog.

I didn't even really want a blog. I just wanted to sign Jack's blog. I typed a message, and could not submit it till I made one. So here it is... the blog that I don't even really want!!!